HCP launches its innovative new website, reinforcing its commitment to investor transparency and communication.

California, May 2023 – Hermes Capital Partners(HCP), a leading venture capital and private equity firm, has unveiled its revamped website, providing a more intuitive and informative platform for investors, partners, and entrepreneurs.

The updated site is designed to enhance HCP’s user experience, offering seamless navigation and a wealth of resources, including detailed information about HCP’s investment strategies, industry insights, and an in-depth look at their portfolio.

At HCP, we’re committed to providing our investors and partners with transparent and up-to-date information. This new website enables us to deliver on that commitment in a user-friendly format” said Baxter Todd, the CEO of HCP

One of the key features of the new website is a comprehensive section dedicated to HCP’s unique investment approach. Visitors can gain insight into the firm’s strategic selection process, the extensive industry expertise they bring to the table, and their unwavering commitment to the success of their portfolio companies.

Additionally, the website features an informative blog section that will regularly publish articles on relevant industry topics, company updates, and expert insights. This blog aims to become a go-to resource for anyone interested in venture capital and private equity trends and insights.

HCP’s new website also highlights their portfolio, providing detailed descriptions of each investment and their success stories. This transparent look into their diverse investment portfolio reflects HCP’s confidence in their strategy and offers potential investors a clear view of what they can expect when partnering with HCP.

The website launch is an exciting step forward for HCP, mirroring the firm’s innovative approach to venture capital and private equity investing. As HCP continues to evolve and expand its investment portfolio, this new website will serve as a key communication platform for all stakeholders.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our new website to the world,” said Baxter Todd. “We believe it reflects the innovative and forward-thinking spirit of HCP and we’re confident that it will provide great value to our investors, partners, and the wider community.”

The new website is live and can be accessed at www.hermescapital.partners.


About HCP

High Tech Capital (HCP) is a leading venture capital and private equity firm with a strong track record of successful investments across a diverse range of industries. With a collaborative approach and a strong focus on innovative strategies, HCP is committed to driving growth and profitability for its investors and portfolio companies. For more information, please contact us.

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