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Hermes Capital Partners provides debt and private placement advisory services to (privately held and publicly traded) lower middle-market companies with revenues in the $10 million to $2.5 billion in range.

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Financial Advisory and Placement Services

Hermes Capital Partners offers a select range of (public and private) debt and equity advisory and private placement
options, to assist clients in achieving strategic objectives. Transaction sizes range from $2.0 million to $2.5 billion.

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Intellectual Property Finance Facilities

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We offer the most effective solutions to enhance your business's competitiveness

Our goal is to form partnerships with businesses in order to enhance operational efficiency and capitalize on prospects for sustainable value generation.

Sale-leaseback financing allows corporations to use and control essential real estate without employing vast sums of debt and equity capital into an illiquid asset class. A sale-leaseback monetizes a company’s real estate assets, freeing up capital to invest in its higher-returning core business, or pay a dividend to shareholders. It can also be a lucrative option for companies buying back corporate stock, looking to finance growth, make an acquisition, pay down a debt or simply reallocate capital into more productive uses.

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Permanent working capital finance provides a layer of long-term funding that aids the efficiency of working capital management, and enhances the effectiveness of (related) short-term working capital finance, 

Permanent working capital facilities are designed and structured to accommodate Net Operating Cycle finance and provision ancillary working capital liquidity requirements.

Hermes Capital Partners is active in the placement of permanent working capital facilities for lower middle-market companies throughout the Western United States. If your company has an upcoming maturity, or if you would simply like a “no obligation” analysis, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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To meet lower middle-market borrower needs in the new economy innovative lenders are providing viable alternatives to traditional lending models, and collaborating to connect growing companies to efficient ancillary channels of lower middle market finance. Multitranche finance accommodates such collaboration through hybrid structures, such as a combination of cash-flow-based lending, asset-based lending, and subordinated debt. 

Multi-tranche finance is defined by three or more loan facilities (or “tranches”) to a single or specific ) borrowers. With historically low-interest rates on bank loans, combined with the higher cost of credit fund term or subordinated debt, the blended cost of capital to a borrower in the current interest rate environment is often less under a multi-tranche structure than under a comparable standard unitranche structure.  The advantages of multi-tranche finance for lower middle market borrowers is clear; they can enhance their working and growth capital to fuel business plans and help maintain a competitive edge.

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